Beauty Bear Vitamines Duo

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- Duo pack
- Hair Vitamins
- Skin vitamins


Hair vitamins are delicious gummies with the taste of black currants, which strengthen and maintain the hair through essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Beauty Bear hair vitamins contain biotin, acerola (vitamin C) and folic acid, which together maintain the hair, contribute to the formation of collagen and strengthen the function of the blood vessels, so that the hair will grow more easily.

Skin vitamins are delicious raspberry flavored gummies specially designed with essential nutrients that work together to strengthen and maintain the skin.
Beauty Bear skin vitamins contains: Ceramide oil, vitamin A and zinc, which collectively collect waste and reduce impure skin, improve skin quality and optimize moisture balance. The ceramide oil strengthens the skin's elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. About 50% of the fat in the skin should consist of ceramide lipids. By taking ceramide oil, studies show an 18% reduction in wrinkles, 26% better elasticity and 21% better skin moisture.


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